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Our Story:
Your Parcels, Our Community

Separated from our loved ones by the unprecedented COVID-19 lockdowns of 2020, we felt the frustration of being unable to receive packages from specific locations. This personal experience ignited a spark within us.

Starting with only a handful of family members and close friends, we began our humble initiative locally on Facebook, helping each other and our immediate circle to receive essential items and surprises that brought comfort during those challenging times.

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How Does it Work?

Our peer-to-peer package forwarding service is designed to be simple, cost-effective, and secure. Here's how the process works, ensuring that you can ship packages with ease, while enjoying the benefits of affordability and reliability.

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Sign up

To get started, sign up for an account on our platform. Create a profile that showcases your location, shipping preferences and any special instructions you may have. 

Connect With a Delivery Hero

Once you've signed up, our system will match you with available delivery heroes in your desired location. You'll have access to their profile, including their ratings and reviews from previous senders. You will also be able to include any specific packaging or consolidating instructions.

Go Shopping

Once you've connected with a  delivery hero, you can go on your shopping spree in the country of their location, using their details for your delivery address. 

Package Forwarding

After our hero receives your package, they will verify its contents and handle the necessary forwarding procedures. They will securely repackage the items, if required, and ship it with a tracking number to you, anywhere you are in the world.

Why Work With Us?

Our peer-to-peer service offers several advantages that make it a cost-effective, efficient, and secure solution for package forwarding.

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We're Cost-Effective

Our platform enables you to tap into a network of trusted individuals who will consolidate several of your packages into one and ship using your preferred courier, saving you money on shipping and customs charges.

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We're Efficient

Our delivery heroes are competent and experienced with packaging and shipping. The rating and review system allows you to assess the performance and reliability of mail receivers, ensuring a higher level of trust and efficiency in the forwarding process.

We're Adaptable

We understand that each package and shipping requirement is unique, and we strive to provide flexible solutions that cater to individual preferences. Whether it's accommodating specific delivery timelines, handling fragile items with extra care, or addressing any special instructions, our platform allows for open communication between senders and mail receivers. 

Where Can You Shop?

While we can deliver your parcel to you anywhere in the world, we can currently only receive parcels from shops that ship to the UK, Germany and France.

Our priority is to create a safe and secure environment for package forwarding, where senders can have peace of mind knowing that their valuable items are in capable hands. By maintaining a limited country scope, we can invest significant resources into a stringent vetting process which allows us to build a community of trusted delivery heroes.

We are however expanding to Spain and Australia soon. Do you live any of these countries and believe you have what it takes to join our team? You can find out with the push of a button!



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