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In order to connect with any of our delivery heroes and their information, you need to create an account on our platform

How Does it Work?

Our peer-to-peer package forwarding service is designed to be simple, cost-effective, and secure. Here's how the process works, ensuring that you can ship packages with ease, while enjoying the benefits of affordability and reliability.


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To get started, sign up for an account on our platform. Create a profile that showcases your location, shipping preferences and any special instructions you may have. 

Connect With a Delivery Hero

Once you've signed up, our system will match you with available delivery heroes in your desired location. You'll have access to their profile, including their ratings and reviews from previous senders. You will also be able to include any specific packaging or consolidating instructions.

Go Shopping

Once you've connected with a  delivery hero, you can go on your shopping spree in the country of their location, using their details for your delivery address. 

Package Forwarding

After our hero receives your package, they will verify its contents and handle the necessary forwarding procedures. They will securely repackage the items, if required, and ship it with a tracking number to you, anywhere you are in the world.

Prohibited Items

eBidShip on behalf of our network of mail forwarders (delivery heroes) will not accept or ship products that are forbidden or need special handling owing to export or import laws, transportation rules, or both. Products with license restrictions cannot be shipped by eBidShip. We will let you know and consult with you on the best course of action if such materials are discovered when inspecting a package. We will charge you for returning the banned products to the original merchant, unless you have made alternative arrangements.

You agree to abide by all laws in both the place where the products are received and the nation from which they are sent. Furthermore, you promise not to deliver unlawful products via eBidShip. eBidShip is dependent on the definition of illegal or prohibited goods in accordance with the import/export country's specifications.

Prohibited Items include, but not limited to the following:

Explosive, poisonous, or extremely flammable substances like gasoline, engine oil, unsecured lithium batteries, etc.

Dangerous to the environment and radioactive substances

Fireworks, expensive materials, and materials that are extremely pressure- or temperature-sensitive

Items that might harm or infect humans with a weapon or one of its components

Items for use in the military, such as sonar systems, lasers, or airplane parts

Live animals or animal remains

Money, currency, and related objects

We want to make it clear that eBidShip on behalf of our network of mail forwarders (delivery heroes) will abide by any export and import rules that may be in force and that we refuse to ship any items that call for a separate export or import permission. If it is discovered that a consignment breaches these conditions, you are accountable and agree to hold eBidShip harmless from all expenses and fines incurred for eBidShip.



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